Is your Freight Forwarder right for you?  

How do your know if it is right?  

Looking for Prince Charming?   Not every Freight Forwarder is the same.  Recently, we heard of freight forwarder who shipped an order for a customer in South Africa to someone else in Zambia. They blamed it on their warehouse personnel who put the wrong labels on the shipment.  At the end of the day, the US exporter had a customer who was unhappy with the delivery that they offered.  The US exporter resupplied the same parts at no additional charge to its customer.  In the meantime, the original shipment was seized by Zambian customs because it stayed in bond too long.   The forwarder claimed limited liability for its mistake.  It paid out pennies on the dollar.  Guess who got stuck holding the bag?  It was not the forwarder.   At the end of the day, every US Exporter should make sure that their forwarder is a partner in their business!